Four Times a Lady stands for four professional guitarists: Lore Raus, Willemijn Vermeir, An Vlaemynck and Leen Langenbick. They opt for a very varied and often less known guitar repertoire, originally composed for this line-up over the last fourty years.


In February 2008 Four Times a Lady made her debut with the famous Baltic Guitar Quartet. The ladies at the time were Tania D'Hoest, Veerle D'Hoest, Sarah Vandendriessche and Leen Langenbick. They played a double concert together in the Bruges Ryelandtzaal. In May of the same year they were guests at 'Klara in de stad' in Izegem. Their concert could be heard live on the radio with works by Patrick Roux and Francis Kleynjans. They also created Summer Moon Dance by the Belgian composer Gilbert Isbin.


In 2011 Sarah Vandendriessche left the quartet and Willemijn Vermeir joined the group. In November 2012 they released their first CD “Here and Now”. In 2013 and 2014 they were guests at the International Guitar Symposium Iserlohn in Germany, where they played several well-appreciated concerts. In 2015 , the quartet performed in the 'Museo de Bellas Artes' in Valencia, Spain and in 'Wasserburg Haus zum Haus' in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In 2015 they played the chamber music exam for Leen Langenbick and obtained a Master in chamber music with the highest distinction at the Luca School of Arts, the former Lemmens Institute in Leuven. In the same year they played in the CC De Grote Post in Ostend, among others. In January 2016 they performed in a sold-out chamber music hall of the Concertgebouw in Bruges. There they created Ficciones by the Flemish composer Petra Vermote, composed for Four Times a Lady. In addition to the many concerts in cultural centers, they could be heard in many places during their nine-year existence during smaller events, living room concerts, performances for associations, ... The latter is very dear to them due to the intense warm contact with the public.


At the beginning of 2017 , Tania and Veerle D'Hoest decided to leave the quartet and Willemijn and Leen welcomed two new guitarists, An Vlaemynck and Phyllis Demylle.


All four of them followed as soloists, but also as a quartet, numerous Masterclasses in Europe with world-renowned guitarists including John Dearman, William Kanengiser (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet), Jorge Caballero, Matthew McAllister, Alfonso Montes, Denis Azabagic, Eden-Stell Guitar Duo and Katona Twins.


In 2018 they collaborated with visual artist Emma Pollet and Hooman Jeddy, who add power to the music through video installations. The various natural elements present in the music are given an extra dimension by adding images. They were again guests at the Guitar Symposium in Iserlohn in the summer of 2018 to perform and teach there.


Since September 2019, Four Times a Lady consists of An Vlaemynck, Leen Langenbick, Lore Raus and Willemijn Vermeir.