An Vlaemynck (° 1982) was born in Ostend, Belgium and took lessons at the conservatory with Adiel Dierkens and Tonny Osaer. She obtained her Master's degree at the Lemmens Institute with Raphaëlla Smits. She then specialized with Carlo Marchione at the Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht, The Netherlands and obtained her diploma as a performing musician. She currently teaches at the Conservatory by the sea in Ostend.



Leen Langenbick (° 1978) was born in Bruges, Belgium. She took lessons at the Conservatory Bruges with Johan Vandecaveye. She studied at the Royal Conservatories of Antwerp and Ghent with Yves Storms and Roland Broux. After obtaining her Masters, she specialized in Bergen with Odair Assad. She received her Masters in Chamber Music from Luca School of Arts with Four Times a Lady.


She is director ad interim at the Art Academy of Torhout.



Lore Raus (° 1983) was born in Leuven, Belgium and started her music studies at the age of nine. After obtaining her certificate at the Conservatory of Leuven, she started her studies at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven, where Rafaëlla Smits was her guitar teacher. In 2006 she obtained her master's degree in guitar.

She completed her education in 2008 with Carlo Marchione at the Conservatory of Maastricht and with Zoran Dukic in The Hague in 2010.

Lore has participated in guitar festivals and competitions all over Europe.


As an enthusiastic music teacher at the academy of Tienen, Lore has been guiding children with their first fingerings on the strings for many years in an engaged and original way.


Her love for the guitar goes beyond the musical. Fascinated by the material of the instrument, she decided to learn to build guitars herself. She followed an intensive training at the 'Center for musical instrument building' in Puurs with the well-known Belgian guitar builder Walter Verreydt.




Willemijn Vermeir (° 1987) originally comes from Oostduinkerke, Belgium and has lived in Ghent for quite some time. She attended the Academy of Veurne and received her first guitar lessons from Jean-Pierre Faict and Frank Desramaults. She then studied at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent with Yves Storms and Johan Fostier and obtained her Master's degree in guitar.


She teaches guitar at the Conservatorium aan Zee in Ostend. Willemijn specialized in Suzuki guitar with MaryLou Roberts and obtained her Suzuki Guitar level 1 diploma.

She teaches Suzuki Guitar at Studio Pling-Plong in Ghent.